Toyota Rush in Kampala

Toyota Rush in Kampala
Toyota Rush in Kampala

Juan Pacheco, 28, from the Santa Rosa area was running a local fast food restaurant when she got a call from a local employee who said he had bought a “big tank-like” car for $35,000. Pacheco said he wanted to run the fastest, but was not sure if he was paying the full price. “But the customer wanted the top price!” he said. “So I said, OK now, can I buy it?”

To his surprise, the business responded to his demand. “Just a question of a few minutes.”

Pacheco said he took the big tank, packed up his car, and drove to the supermarket: “I want to give one of these cars to them.” No, his answer was ‘no’.

“I didn’t need an invoice, just a big piece of paper, because I was selling cars.”

To the owner of the shop, it was a simple question: What do you want from your small, tiny car?

The local entrepreneur, Juan Sanchez of El Rey Park, told El Pasion, “I feel bad for the owner, not for anyone else. They’re in
Toyota Rush in Kampala, Uganda, which is due to debut on Feb. 9, will feature its new sports car, the ZX09 for Toyota. [Nike]


Toyota S4 and the Pirelli P21 (2012) have also announced their new P10 (2012) as Toyota’s new sports cars. The Japanese factory is the only one with a new sports car, and the S4 will be launched this year. The S4 will come in two versions, the Toyota version with turbocharged engines and the P5 hybrid, which will have the same two-stroke as in the original. It will come with a steering wheel that features a four-cylinder three-mode steering and brakes. The two-wheel-drive, three-stroke ZX09 version will feature a four-cylinder four-cylinder four-stroke. [Nexus 4U]

Rigotti will debut in early 2016 in the Geneva, Switzerland Auto Show with its P22 (2012) powered by a V12 Hybrid with a power output of 250 horsepower and 325 lb-ft of torque. [Luxembourg]

Porsche Cayenne

Porsche Cayenne will launch in early 2017 in Germany and Belgium, in addition to the P36 (2012). The car features four different versions of the design: the P28 (2012) with a turbocharged engine,