Yamaha Motorcycles & Scooters in Tanzania

Yamaha Motorcycles & Scooters in Tanzania
Yamaha Motorcycles & Scooters in Tanzania

The bike shop, located in a 3,000m (5,700ft) range in the northern province of Saba, was established by local community leader and former model BK Jhoon in 2011 and is just a few kilometers (less than 10 miles) away from a traditional national park.

“Being near the base and on site would be an important milestone for our brand and a good step that would certainly help to grow the local brand brand,” explained KJ Hoon.

In January, they will be making a huge step up in terms of opening shop as the shop is located on a 1,500m (2,050 ft) rooftop. The shop will be a small shop similar in size to the one in other towns. “With Big-Frodyne being located in the city on the first main street where the road has long been separated from the forest, it will attract a high-quality customer and will provide the local bike industry with good customers,” said KJ Hoon.

The shop will be open from 10pm and in the middle the shop can be seen within 5km (3.7 miles) of town centre. The shop will be
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